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Inspired by Challenges

Our Story – the story of VAMA Consulting Group is about bringing science and business, theory and practice together to build a better future.

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The Conundrum

The VAMA Consulting Group Founder Andrija Popović was in his early university days when he found himself in a huge conundrum:


“How to gain practical experience and allow his colleagues to prepare for the real world in the environment which promotes theory?

Research, Develop, Implement

Thus, he ventured out into the unknown. However, he used his knowledge and skill and started the process of research, development, and implementation. He brought together young, interested, capable individuals, companies that need “new blood,” and institutions together and created a Case Study: Face the Challenge.

This project was a success because it faced many challenges, and still, it was brought to life. It was a success because it gave first-hand experience in problem-solving, project management, customer relations, marketing, and teamwork to more than 20 people involved in the organization. It was a success because it gave practical experience in business consulting to more than 40 people within the first year. It was a success because it solved 3 problems at the same time:

It gave a chance to experience real-life business challenges and use their knowledge and skills to more than 70 young and motivated people

It gave companies access to the most capable and skilled candidates.

It provided the institutions with necessary positive exposure.

Evaluate & Augment

The first attempt was successful, but it had its shortcomings. Our founder with his colleagues evaluated the project, the unnecessary things were eliminated, and the good things were improved. The project continued for 2 more years before our Founder left in the capable hands of his younger colleagues.

Closing the Cycle

This commonly known but hard-to-adopt process, “research-develop-implement-evaluate-augment,” was highly effective. During his time at the University of Nis, together with his colleagues, our founder made incredible results:

600+ students gained practical experience

1.5K+ students gained specialized knowledge in business and management

$10k+ negotiated in sponsorships

$6k+ collected for humanitarian purposes

Mixing the Science and Business

The following years for our Founder were about finding the right balance between his long-standing passion – science, and his newly found zeal for business. While remaining on his track towards the highest scientific title – Ph.D., our Founder ventured into the world of management and business consulting.

Diving In

While his background in science was solid and getting stronger, our Founder identified that his weakness was a lack of business experience. In order to provide the highest quality service to his future clients and students, he disappeared into a series of professional experiences, tackling the wide variety of business problems in multiple industries.

Laying the Seeds

Taking on the consulting project with a Canadian Investment and Social Finance Company and leading the team responsible for presenting the case for social enterprises in Serbia was the first step toward consulting industry.

Key professional takeaways:

Honing Market and Sector Analysis Skills

Building Company Evaluation Systems

Estimating Company's Social and Business Impact

Developing Recommendations

Growing Stronger

The next step towards becoming a Big 4 league consultant was the Internship at the biggest life science company in the world, Bayer AG. Serving at the “hearth of the company” in Leverkusen has given incredible insights into the functioning of the corporate giant and, for the first time, gave him insight into the differences between big, international companies and SMEs.

Key professional takeaways:

Developing and Honing Macroeconomic Analysis Skill

Improving Data Analysis for Corporate Purposes

Developing of Cost-Reduction Solutions

Developing Solutions Process and Structure Optimization

Adapting and Honing Controlling Knowledge and Skills

Putting All Together

After gaining pure, concentrated business experience from these large and multiple smaller projects, our Founder has taken the path of Freelance Consulting for a short time. This has given him much-needed expertise in negotiation and customer relations. At the same time, he got his research and data analysis skills to the next level. These experiences have given him a perspective from multiple industries. He tackled agriculture, food processing, medicine, robotics, and tourism challenges and developed a strong foundation with CSOs in Serbia.


Our Founder kept diving deep into both the science and business world. In science, he specializes in researching the effects of new technologies on economic development. While in business, he expands his knowledge and utilizes his science background in all projects.

Finally, in January 2021, all pieces fell into place, and VAMA Consulting Group was born!

VAMA Consulting Group Today!

VAMA Consulting Group was initially based on the personal expertise of our Founder, but now, VAMA is working with an exceptional team of ad hoc consultants with expertise covering public and private sector as well as civil society organizations, and young aspiring professionals and students looking to learn about business and management consulting.

Today VAMA is growing strong:

30+ developed and managed business and CSO projects

$6+ million in developed and approved business ideas

76% approval rate for CSO grants and projects

100% client retention rate

100% client satisfaction

Where is VAMA Consulting Going?

VAMA Consulting Group is on the path of exponential growth. In the following years, we will include multiple specialized areas within our portfolio in order to accommodate every need of our current and future clients.

VAMA Consulting Group will slowly expand its portfolio to:

Business Education
Legal Services
Accounting and Audit Services
Tax Advisory
Technology Consulting Services
Financial Management

Learn more about our story, our plans and our future prospects.

learn. develop. implement. evaluate. augment.

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